Connecting with you to providing the advertisements to be displayed on the publisher's content with through the ad server technology of eHesive and Marketaro, delivering the ad and doing more than just tracking the statistics. Advertisers also have various targeting options, such as day-parting by hours, week days or calendar days, geographic locations, site category and rating, language, user demographics based on publisher, and more, letting you create the optimum online media mix for your client. By having platform of sites unified to the ad network, this allows more opportunity for conversion by other offers from content marketing, chat advertising and advergaming. It is a simple as to register and load up your inventory, to start getting offer seen by many and extending your reach.
As a preferred partner you are secured the best possible optimization of your inventory. eHESIVE offers advertisement placement specified by the advertisers, industry, media and category to ensure the best fit for your site. eHESIVE separates all inventory on a 3 stack network a moderates to offer top quality results. The gives you the opportunity to monetize impressions buyers would normally overlook. And with auto-invoicing, this gets your revenues to you on time along with comprehensive reporting system and a greater degree of control over ad inventory. There are no signup fees or hidden costs and we provide demand at scale so you’ll meet your monetization goals. Withdraw your earnings at your request, daily!


  • eHESIVE is where Advertisements stick and marketing campaigns reach targeted viewers beyond that of regional boundaries. The ad system of eHESIVE is standard in the way, it allows publishers monetize by posting their website and for advertisers marketing themselves by posting ads that go onto the participating publisher sites. eHESIVE sticks everything together with features of a user interface that enables transparent reporting and easier customization of widgets.

  • Generate higher revenues, better engagement rates, and loyal audiences is what the eHesive stickiness is all about. We put our advertisers and publishers first and main part of the system is drawn upon transparency coupled along with simple built-in metrics and content flexibility.

  • eHesive does support advertisement for mobile devices with standard ways. We are also working on improving ads delivery to embedded devices.

  • Yes we do have affiliate program what is beneficial for high volume partners.

  • We do not run ad exchange programs as right now, but it may change based on demand or company future strategies if necessary.

  • Are you an Advertiser or a Publisher? Identify which one, click the appropriate button and follow the instructions and multi-steps and will be on your way to successful results with eHESIVE. And yes you can be both an advertiser and a publisher, but you will need to use 2 different emails to set them up.

  • Yes. Even though site is primarily optimized for bigger screen, we are continuously improving mobile experience and usability.

  • We have global traffic in over 180 countries

  • The CPM depends on targeting options, category and other competing campaigns.We do work on a RTB system, so the highest bidder gets the most impressions. Effective CPM can be lower at the end, but it will never be higher than configured.

  • Yes, for any advertisers with a balance, they can request for a refund on the remaining balance, which will be processed within 48 business hours through the original method of payment.

  • We accept PayPal or Wire transfer.



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eHESIVE is a self-serve traffic advertising with costing per acquisition platform for traditional, marijuana, hemp and adult monetizing Websites, Mobile Applications, Images, Videos and Email blasts. We work across both desktop and mobile, to deliver display traffic to media buyers, affiliate marketers, and advertisers globally.

Our platform allows clients to have full control of their campaigns from creation to launch, to optimization on a site-by-site basis. Pairing this with real time in-depth reporting, various tracking and targeting capabilities, you have all the tools necessary to drive positive ROI.

And in order to assure our stamp of stickiness, we are focused on key mechanisms that deliver performance, leveraging our innovation and industry expertise to help our advertisers and publishers achieve success